What a difference!  This is a bathroom in the Birkdale community.  We expanded the shower an additional foot without taking any space from the bathroom.   The clear glass shower surround really shows off the custom tile work.   We also raised the tub which was incorrectly installed before the tile.   As you can see in the pictures the tub now sits on top of the deck/tile where when initially installed it was tiled around....that's a no-no.  My custom cabinet maker built some beautiful vanities which really enhanced the granite that we used for all of our flat surfaces, including as a cap for the shower half wall.  The homeowners said that everything we did exceeded all of their expectations.  That is what I always want to hear at the completion of any of my jobs.


Bathroom renovations are easily our specialty, constituting over 60% of our jobs in the Lake Norman area.  We use only the highest quality materials and installation methods.  Our shower creations will have you boasting to friends and neighbors before we've even started!  We will create any custom shape or size shower you can dream up, and then take it to the next level with seats, niches, and mosaic designs.  Finally we can install full glass, pivot or sliding doors.  The best part is that you can do this in any size bathroom! 

Whether a small vanity cabinet replacement, or a complete renovation you can rest assured that each project will receive the best care, attention, and creativity it deserves and requires, from start to completion. 


There are quite a few things that separate Castle Rock from other bathroom remodel companies.  QUALITY is the most important one!  We use only the BEST materials which come with numerous advantages.  Our thinset and grout are mold and mildew resistant.  We pay $23 per bag instead of $11.  We pay $8 for a tube of 10 year mold and mildew resistant silicone when we could pay $2 like most other contractors.  We use waterproofing membrane on every single shower we install, no options there!  All of our materials and products are the newest, and best available.  In bathroom renovation you really do get what you pay for.  We use the right products and we guarantee all of our work.  We do not get call backs because of this.  If you do it right the first time then there doesn't have to be a second.  I would rather spend the money first on the best products than lose it later, returning for repairs and losing customers in the process.

When I moved to NC from NJ I was amazed at some of the construction methods.  Things like tiling seats and thresholds were strictly avoided in NJ because of the propensity for future water problems.  Well I didn't feel comfortable following what's acceptable here, because it isn't acceptable to me.  In each shower I create, every single flat surface that will have sitting water on it is a solid surface.  I use granite or marble  for my seats, shelves, thresholds and wall caps.  This prevents any water from penetrating grout joints in the future, which is going to happen, I guarantee that.  Using the same materials also ties these areas in with the counter-tops and tile being installed.  Form and function meet to make a beautiful, lasting bathroom free from any of the future problems that most other bathrooms will encounter.  I am called in to several showers a year to remove water damaged thresholds and shower pans because they weren't done right from the start.  Our materials and specific process simply cannot be beaten.

This bathroom was almost identical to the one above, just the reverse layout.  The homeowners here saw the bathroom above and wanted the same thing.  They used a porcelain tile to bring down the price and make cleaning a bit easier. 

This is the master bathroom we built in a basement we finished.  Lisa told me she wants to move out of her upstairs master bedroom into the basement because she loves the new showers we created so much.   I can definitely understand why, I love them too!

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When doing a complete bathroom renovation, you allow yourself to get exactly what you want, and so much more.  Once the room is cleared you have an open canvas.  We can upgrade your current plumbing and electric making your home safer, and more efficient.  Install insulation in any exterior walls that may need it, even soundproofing a partition wall if so desired.  This too will save you money in the long run, while making you a little more "GREEN".  Install pocket doors to gain more room, or remove that old bathtub that you don't use any longer.  We can move a wall, or adjust the framing to fit a specific vanity you may want installed, or have custom cabinets designed just for you with elegant new hardware to match.  Install undermount sinks with new granite countertops and new faucets.  Install ceramic, porcelain, or any natural bathroom tile in unlimited designs and patterns.  Use specialty tiles for trim around doors, windows, and mirrors to create a frame.  Change your bathroom lighting, putting dimmers on recessed lights over your new shower or bathtub.  We can rip up that old vinyl linoleum floor and install radiant heating to keep your new tile floor nice and warm, we can do this in your kitchen as well!  Finally give it a beautiful new coat of paint, and it's yours to enjoy for many years to come.  This is not a timely construction process.  In just a few weeks, you can have your very own spa just footsteps away.  Give us a call and we will make your dream bathroom a reality!
Servicing all of the Lake Norman area, including Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Charlotte, Denver, Sherrils Ford, and much more!

Here we have another bathroom in which the homeowners didn't use their large garden tub.  They wanted to remove the tub, create more cabinet space and a much larger shower.  We used a 16x24 travertine tile on the floor and an 8x16 travertine tile on the walls.  We also used a travertine base and crown in the shower.  I cut the travertine tiles to create a base molding throughout the bathroom so that we didn't have to put down wood base.  We installed a pebble tile decorative strip to match the pebble floor as well.  This is one of my favorite bathrooms, I LOVE it!

This is a bathroom we remodeled in the Northstone development.  The homeowners Mike and Mary Jo never used the monstrous tub that occupied 24 square feet of their bathroom!  Needless to say.......we ripped it out!  We created the perfect bathroom for the two of them.  We replaced the existing window with a low-E  UV controlling glass block window.   This cut down on the sun that baked the bathroom all year round.  We also added a ceiling fan just to help cool down those hot summer days.  You will notice that we used the same marble for the counter-tops, shampoo niche shelves, shower threshold, window sill, corner seat, and even to cap the shower return wall.  The cabinets were custom built to match the homeowners bedroom furniture, how cool is that!  My cabinet builder even created a custom bench and medicine cabinets so that everything matched.  We finished off with a gorgeous crisp clear glass enclosure designed and installed by the same glass company I've used for all of my jobs.   In the end this was such a fun, rewarding project and one of my favorite renovations to date! 

More bathroom picturesCheck out some of our bathroom before and after pictures!

Here is a bathroom in Charlotte that we completely gutted, allowing us to start with a clean slate.   We added all new fixtures and finished with beautiful soap stone tile.  The granite is Giallo Ornamental and the border is a tubled travertine mosaic border.  We also used the border to picture frame the shampoo niche.  

In the second set of pictures we used the same materials just a different mosaic border.  We removed the rear wall to expand the shower and also installed a corner seat made of the same granite we installed throughout the two bathrooms. 

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Here we had another basement that was finished.  We were the fourth contractor called in to work on this bathroom.  We were also the last contractor that needed to be called.  Follow the grout lines in the shower wall tile as they wrap around the inside corners.  This is what separates us from other construction companies.  We are perfectionists as evidenced in every one of our jobs.  David, the homeowner has since sent me other work and I look forward to working with him again in the future.  Thanks David!

I was called by a young couple with a problem.  They could no longer use their shower as the tiles were falling off of the crumbling sheetrock walls and they were on a budget.  No problem.  We removed the remainder of the tile and sheetrock in the shower area, replaced it with one of the best tile backer boards available and re-tiled.  They were showering again in 3 days and couldn't have been happier!

This was a full basement that we finished.  We added two bathrooms, this main, or lake bathroom, and a  master bathroom shown on this same page.   The tile is a porcelain mock slate from Dal-Tile and the border and floor are real slate 4x4's and mosaics.  The granite is New Venetian Gold and we used it for the countertop, open ended seat, niche shelves, and the shower threshold, a trademark of my business.  If you see this combo, chances are we've done the job.

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I wish I had the before pictures for this bathroom.  We kept the vanities and the tub, but changed everything else.  The floors and walls are all porcelain tile made to mimic a natural stone, and the counter-tops and niche shelf are made of a beautiful marble whose name I do not remember.  Another happy customer.

Here we had a typical tumbled marble surround shower/tub unit.  We gutted the shower area and removed the tub so we could create a beautiful 20 square foot shower.  The black granite seat, shelves, and threshold really complimented the mosaic floor and border we installed.  We also moved the toilet to the wall opposite the shower, in place of it's former location directly adjacent to the shower, where it was the first thing you saw when you opened the bathroom door.  This was a great job, the homeowners even had us remodel their master bathroom.  Hi Gloria and Ken!